Photo of Mark Armantrout
Instruments: Vocals, mandolin, bass, percussion, tuba, thumb piano
Jams Attended: 138
First jam: 02/25/1995
Most recent jam: 05/02/2021
Jam Statistics - Missed : 2018
10/21 - October Open Jam
Musicians: Geoff Bashaw, Brian Cameron, David Ladd, Paul McLennon, Brian McNally, Erik Peterson, Sid Prise, Brendan Rowland, MX (Scratch) Skroch, Zack Webb, Aaron Zygmunt
Meal: Moroccan chicken with rice and side of cauliflower with Thai yellow curry by Brian McNally.
Title Size Album Rating
Sky So Blue 7.34 MB Lost Dream 5

Tired Of Being Nice 11.37 MB Those Bastards! 5

Blind Man, Kind Man 7.22 MB Those Bastards! 5

Fashion Bully 13.05 MB Captain Glam And The Space Force 4