Photo of Brian McNally
Instruments: Vocals, guitar, percussion, bass, keyboard
Jams Attended: 188
First jam: 05/01/1992
Most recent jam: 05/26/2024

I can remember sitting in a one-bedroom apartment with a guitar on my knee, staring at a huge 8 channel amp head. I thought Brian Cameron was nuts, but recording the music we were playing seemed like the next logical step. For me it has always been about the reaction of the music. My involvement dropped while working with "The Hidden", but unscripted songs have always been fun for me.

I suppose for me it has been about seeing how an amoeba can win a talent show. It has always been great when chaos gels into cohesion. Synergy is one of The Sheep Fiends greatest assets and when that synergy finds a direction it cannot be beat. The Sheep Fiends will go down in the annals of rock history as the longest lasting most pervasive, prolific band that no one has ever heard of. Just the way I like it.