Photo of David Ladd
Instruments: Vocals, guitar, bass, keyboard, analog keyboard, percussion, magic horn
Jams Attended: 230
First jam: 03/07/1996
Most recent jam: 02/25/2024

Overheard somewhere in the swanky slumburgs of Andersonville, Chicago, USA:

(Home of the Swedish American Heritage Center & also the best falafel samwich in town.)

Brian Yippi C hits those octaves in E (wah//wah//wah//wah//---> infinity) Special Agent D. James Bell grimaces, strokes a chord from his guitar, inverts it up the neck whap whap kaWHAK BOOM WHAK (tis my turn on the traps) Cool Papa Paul serves up the classical free blues riffs on his Throm-Bone

Sir David of Gaia trickling analog ectoplasm from an olde Roland S'yen wails and squeaks (& then she starts to play her violin) Jim's fingers are crabs dueling with badgers, up and down the fretboard of his bass

(the critics say he's positively mad!)

some new folks here today - bongos and whazzat? A dumbek? say where's Greg & Cyndi when you need them? & so verily then did Noam Paco Gangsta arrive to takes the mic in hand to testify & strivin' strife to the promised land from the unconscious underground the city's bowels

? ?! ?!1?@ ! ! ? ?! ?? (punctuation marks of floot toodlin')

make me proud of ya son stay away from a gun & you can have your fun Cuz I'm Major Tom droppin' atom bombs -- "OW, DELONDE YER MAKIN' ME CRYYYYY!"

Tape rolling? Youbetcha.