Photo of Zack Webb
Instruments: Bass, guitar, percussion, harmonica, vocals
Jams Attended: 95
First jam: 01/11/1993
Most recent jam: 05/26/2024

All matter, energy, space and time are given to perpetual and eventual reorganization, transformation, redistribution and dissolution. We are but momentarily clustered eddies in vast currents of atoms and molecules expanding across the universe.

Our personal and very individual death is the only fucking certainty we can ever possibly know. Every single perception, emotion, idea, or memory any of us have had, or ever will have, is as relevant to this grim certainty as we are to the swirling cosmic expanse.

This is the system within which we all appear, flicker and vanish. Some among us suffer no illusions of grandeur in light of this most existential reality. Some of us jam with the Sheep Fiends.