Photo of Mark Armantrout
Instruments: Vocals, mandolin, bass, percussion, tuba, thumb piano
Jams Attended: 176
First jam: 02/25/1995
Most recent jam: 05/04/2024

The Sheep Fiends is unique music. Every jam and every album is sprinkled with unexpected treats, none of which will ever be repeated live, but will be enjoyed on tape forever. The Sheep Fiends is like a cross between a hippie jam band, a heavy metal drummer's basement, an unexpected drum circle and karaoke at your favorite bar. It's amazing what can come out of friends and acquaintances after playing music for many many years. The Sheep Fiends music is often hilarious and occasionally spiritual. another way of putting it is that it's like being in a band, but without sleeping in a van, without rehearsing the same song over and over, without having your instruments stolen and without groupies, leaving only the simple experiences of playing music with friends and putting out albums. Come play with the Sheep Fiends, or start your own group, or both. (I did!)