Photo of David Ladd
Instruments: Vocals, guitar, bass, keyboard, analog keyboard, percussion, magic horn
Jams Attended: 195
First jam: 03/07/1996
Most recent jam: 01/24/2021
Jam Statistics - Missed : 2020
09/20 - September Open Jam
Musicians: Mark Armantrout, Geoff Bashaw, Brian Cameron, Brian McNally, Brendan Rowland, MX (Scratch) Skroch, Aaron Zygmunt
Meal: Spaghetti pomo doro with corn salad and roasted garlic butter on bread by Brian McNally.
Title Size Album Rating
Dedicated To Self Harm 4.05 MB Chipawackamongamonga 4

12/13 - December Open Jam
Musicians: Mark Armantrout, Brian Cameron, Brendan Rowland, Zack Webb
Meal: Burritos