Photo of David Ladd
Instruments: Vocals, guitar, bass, keyboard, analog keyboard, percussion, magic horn
Jams Attended: 195
First jam: 03/07/1996
Most recent jam: 01/24/2021
Jam Statistics - Missed : 1996
02/04 - New Years 1996
Info: These musicians braved the sub-zero weather after taking a month-long break to have a small, intimate jam. Very high spirits and good music. The jam ended with a showing of a videotaped recording of the Lunar Cabaret show from 12/28/1995.
Musicians: DeLonde Bell, Brian Cameron, Jeff Elder, Iva Itchevska, David Hurst
02/06 - Abba II
Musicians: Brian Cameron, Matthew Cramer, Maria Domellof
02/17 - 532
Info: A sociological excursion into rave music.
Musicians: Brian Cameron, Daniel A. Foss, Sid Prise
Title Size Album Rating
Earthwomen Underwear With Scissors 26.03 MB Leftovers Vol. 5 4

02/19 - No Exit Cafe Open Mike
Location: No Exit Cafe, Chicago
Info: Open-mike performance of Neil, Hear Me Shake and I'm a Plant. Noam performed a song with vocals and keyboard accompaniment. Brian, Noam and Scotto also perform Tomorrow Never Knows by The Beatles with Noam singing.
Musicians: Brian Cameron, Noam Paco Gaster, Scotto Moore
02/25 - Sleepy Jam
Info: We were enjoying the spring weather with a slow, quiet jam with a crescendo.
Musicians: Mark Armantrout, DeLonde Bell, Brian Cameron, Paul Fehribach, David Hurst, Cyndi Rhoads
Title Size Album Rating
Jocular Brains 22.41 MB Electronic, Burn The Past 5

04/02 - Cleaning House
Musicians: Brian Cameron, Stevie Collins, Matthew Cramer, Maria Domellof, Brian McNally
Title Size Album Rating
Something Big 11.42 MB Join In Now, Burn The Past 3
04/27 - Lazy Day
Musicians: DeLonde Bell, Brian Cameron, Paul Fehribach, Daniel A. Foss
05/12 - 156
Location: David Hurst's apartment
Info: A 4-track recording experiment.
Musicians: Brian Cameron, David Hurst
05/25 - Greg Winston's Underground #2
Location: Zebra Crossing Theatre, 4223 N. Lincoln, Chicago
Musicians: DeLonde Bell, Brian Cameron, Stevie Collins, Noam Paco Gaster, David Hurst, Scotto Moore, Cyndi Rhoads
Title Size Album Rating
Overloaded 1997  
Ska pianoforte  
Moontrip pianoforte  
06/02 - Curt & Jenni Halsted's Wedding Reception
Location: Walcamp, Kingston, IL
Info: Light show provided by Larkin and Brian Peterson. The Sheep Fiends were performed at this reception.
Musicians: Dori Burg, Brian Cameron, Stevie Collins, David Hurst, Scotto Moore, Gilad Rosner
Title Size Album Rating
Samfir 6.67 MB Sometime Today, pianoforte 3
Dance So Slow 4.50 MB Sometime Today 4
Friends Like Mine 4.65 MB Sometime Today 3
Adelious Dance 5.15 MB Sometime Today 3
Keeper Of The Dream 5.29 MB Sometime Today 3
Forever And A Little While 5.62 MB Sometime Today, pianoforte 5
Inner Gorilla Goes Wild 17.03 MB Sometime Today, pianoforte 4

Iva's Song 8.43 MB Sometime Today, pianoforte 4
06/30 - Furthur
Info: A small get together to play some music before going to see the Furthur Festival at the World Music Theatre.
Musicians: Brian Cameron, Matthew Cramer
08/03 - Deadlike
Musicians: Brian Cameron, Brian McNally, Kristin Ronne, Syen U
Title Size Album Rating
Run With Scissors 8.34 MB Pop, Lunar Eclipse 4