Photo of Jeff Elder
Instruments: Vocals, cello, guitar, keyboard, kazoo, slide whistle
Jams Attended: 17
First jam: 07/07/1994
Most recent jam: 07/20/1996

in the zone, a sweet sweet smile creeps across his face. sweet music ebbs and flows, a current surging forth, moving into the light, the current force pulling the rest of the flow tentatively with it, then counter to it. an eddie swirls and twists, soon to dissolve and flow once again. He looks over to Yippi, head bowed, swaying from side to side and around the circle some stare into space, pounding their drum drums. Another walks into the room, and the current grows stronger. A new voice sings and the river rounds a bend.

in the zone, he is aware, he chants, he sings, he hears. he feels a new surge from behind him, at the perfect moment, the only moment, he jumps into the flow and flow grows soon to break against a stone and shatter into pieces. some flow around it, but the sense of current fades, slows and ceases. all are silent, for a moment, then gasps and utterances of "wow" and many many smiles and many many to the smoking room.

From a distance, he can hear that the Fiends are Fiending once more and from a distance, he feels the current moving in the center of the flow and from a distance the draw is unmistakable and ever-present. he and another break free and float towards the circle, pick up, sit down and add opposition or fortification and soon once more become one as sweet music rises and rises.