Photo of Scotto Moore
Instruments: Vocals, recorder, slide whistle, percussion
Jams Attended: 25
First jam: 09/14/1994
Most recent jam: 09/26/1996

I never thought that someday I'd be playing tablas and scatting vocals for an ambient folk rock psychedelic jazz revue, but stranger things have happened in this universe (notably, Dan Foss' "happy" period and of course, Neil walking on the moon). Listening to a Sheep Fiends album or participating in a Sheep Fiends jam (for the low low price of a small corner of your sanity) is akin to meeting Jimi Hendrix, Arlo Guthrie, Sun Ra and Ringo Starr in an airport lounge, getting them drunk on cheap gin, handing them all the wrong instruments and asking them to play the Sgt. Pepper's album for you (except that, with the likely exception of Ringo, most of *that* group would tell you to blow). If you have a discerning ear, considerable stamina and the ability to turn off what normally functions as "musical taste" in your universe, then the Sheep Fiends are likely to surprise you (especially if we wind up in *your* living room to jam); when gems emerge from this cacophonous stew of heavy-handed intricacies, they are likely to be unforgettable -- and remember, kids, feedback is your friend!