Instruments: Vocals, guitar, percussion
Jams Attended: 3
First jam: 01/15/1995
Most recent jam: 02/25/1995
Jam History: 1995
01/15 - Post-New Years Jam
Musicians: Brian Cameron, Matthew Cramer, Asher Millen, Sid Prise, Darin Stumme, Greg Winston
Title Album Length Rating
Voices Of Humanity TimeStrands 4:55 5
Free TimeStrands 5:50 5
Relax TimeStrands 4:14 5
20th Century Magician TimeStrands 7:07 4
02/12 - Lincoln's Birthday Jam
Musicians: Brian Cameron, Jeff Elder, Mark Goodman, David Hurst, Brian McNally, Asher Millen, Sid Prise
Title Album Length Rating
The Water Comes In Live From The Void 11:39 4
How Does It Feel? Live From The Void 13:01 4
Sid, Welcome To The Jam Leftovers Vol. 4 0:46 3

Cat Outside My Window Leftovers Vol. 5 9:17 4
02/25 - The Finger Feast Jam
Info: The Sheep Fiends' largest jam to date with 14 musicians present.
Musicians: Mark Armantrout, Darren Bauler, Brian Cameron, Stevie Collins, Jeff Elder, Mike Ford, Daniel A. Foss, Asher Millen, rez, Scotto Moore, Sid Prise, Angie Toomsen, Heidi Zimmerman, Aaron Zygmunt
Title Album Length Rating
I Know An Old Lady Folk 8:23 3
I Will Suffer Early 11:06 3
Inverse/Outverse Early 8:44 4
The Muppet Show Theme Early 1:22 4