Photo of Kim Cox
Instruments: Vocals, keyboard, percussion
Jams Attended: 13
First jam: 08/26/1996
Most recent jam: 04/16/1997
Jam Statistics - Attended : 1996
08/26 - Festival of Life
Info: A celebration of Democracy and Freedom by jamming throughout the afternoon while protesters protested the Democratic Convention in Grant Park.
Musicians: Brian Cameron, Kim Cox, DeLonde Bell, Noam Paco Gaster, David Ladd, Scotto Moore, Syen U, Jeremy Young
Title Size Album Rating
Daily Nightly 12.77 MB Covers, Lunar Eclipse 5

Metamorphosis 11.99 MB Electronic, Metamorphosis, Lunar Eclipse 5

Indescribable Beauty 8.26 MB Metamorphosis 3
Weak Spots Show 9.80 MB Metamorphosis 3
Jazzberries 8.62 MB Metamorphosis 3
Face Down In The Truth 8.29 MB Metamorphosis 3
I'd Like To Know You Again 12.58 MB Metamorphosis 3
Touch Me There 6.63 MB Metamorphosis 4
Space Interlude 1.37 MB Metamorphosis 3

Mommy 9.47 MB Metamorphosis 3
Pain 10.45 MB Metamorphosis 3
Touch Me 12.28 MB Metamorphosis 4
Her Dreams Will Save Her 17.01 MB Metamorphosis 3
Daily Jam 15.61 MB Heartland Fiasco 3

Migrate Lunar Eclipse  
Head Beans Lunar Eclipse  
10/26 - Be Excellent! Productions Halloween Party
Location: Genoa, IL
Info: The Sheep Fiends are the house band at the 1996 Be Excellent! Productions Halloween Party. Lights provided by Larkin and Brian Peterson.
Musicians: DeLonde Bell, Brian Cameron, Kim Cox, Noam Paco Gaster, David Hurst, David Ladd, Benson Smith, Greg Winston
Title Size Album Rating
Jazzberries 8.62 MB Kitchen Sink 3