Photo of Jesse Cramer
Instruments: Percussion
Jams Attended: 4
First jam: 05/31/1997
Most recent jam: 03/09/2002
Jam Statistics - Attended : 1998
10/09 - Chicago Burning Man Decompression Party
Flier Flier
Location: The Launch Pad
Info: See the Burning Man website for more information. Light effects provided by Bill Lonestar. Some folks from the Burning Man party joined in the jam.
Musicians: DeLonde Bell, Serena (Blossom) Appel, Brian Cameron, Tamara Lopez, Jesse Cramer, Matthew Cramer, David Ladd, Russell Mast
Title Size Album Rating
Union Maid 2.58 MB Covers 4

Main Title 9.32 MB Electronic 5

Soundcheck Song 5.87 MB Pop 3