Photo of Russell Mast
Instruments: Theremin, bass, percussion
Jams Attended: 28
First jam: 03/15/1997
Most recent jam: 09/04/2004

Yeaowright, I'm finally getting some of this into words:

The music of the Sheep Fiends is often hard to describe, and occasionally hard to listen to. But it's not hard to understand how it gets that way. Most bands "perform" music. But the Sheep Fiends truly "PLAY" music.

Think of the difference between watching a classic (pre-Spaghetti) Western and watching a group of 10 year-olds with cap guns and cowboy hats. Sure, Gene Autry comes across as more polished, but the kids are really having FUN. More importantly, they're usually coming up with something more interesting than you'd usually see on the screen, something that says more about who they really are and what they've seen in the world. And if they do something that they didn't mean to, or that someone else didn't like, it just becomes part of what's going on. In a performance, it's "bad" and in most recordings, it's erased and redone. But not with the Sheep Fiends.

In our workaday lives, we're asked to perform so often, it seems like we forget how to play. The Sheep Fiends helps me remember.