Photo of Darin Stumme
Instruments: Vocals, percussion, mouth harp, harmonica
Jams Attended: 14
First jam: 07/04/1994
Most recent jam: 03/12/1996
Jam Statistics - Attended : 1996
03/12 - Feelgood Fiasco #6
Location: The Heartland Cafe, 7000 N. Glenwood, Chicago
Info: Leprechaun Hoedown! A Blizzard of Bliss also featuring Poison Lilly Paradise, Syen U, Fuin (foo-oon), and Noam Paco Gaster's Machine Gun Open Mike. 9pm. $3 cover.
Musicians: DeLonde Bell, Brian Cameron, Scott Johnson, Noam Paco Gaster, David Hurst, David Ladd, Scotto Moore, Sid Prise, Cyndi Rhoads, Darin Stumme, Nicole Smith, Greg Winston