Photo of Greg Winston
Instruments: Vocals, keyboard, analog keyboard, guitar, bass, percussion
Jams Attended: 51
First jam: 06/18/1994
Most recent jam: 11/18/2012
Jam History: 1994
06/18 - Summer Solstice
Musicians: Brian Cameron, Greg Winston
11/26 - MommaGiving
Info: The Sheep Fiends jam for a musical thanksgiving!
Musicians: DeLonde Bell, Brian Cameron, Jenna Church, Kara Dittmer, David Hurst, Sameer Parekh, Brian Peterson, Sid Prise, Deborah Siegel, Julie Sitz, Darin Stumme, Greg Winston
Title Album Length Rating
Reality Electronic 9:50 5

Change Your Mind TimeStrands 6:15 5

Bad Bad Bardo Early 2:29 3
12/03 - Lost Jam
Info: This jam was not recorded because the recording equipment was incorrectly set up.
Musicians: Brian Cameron, Sid Prise, Darin Stumme, Greg Winston
12/17 - 4-track Xplora
Info: For added adventure, The Sheep Fiends try their hand at using a four-track.
Musicians: DeLonde Bell, Brian Cameron, David Hurst, Scotto Moore, Sid Prise, Greg Winston