Photo of Sid Prise
Instruments: Vocals, guitar, bass, keyboard, percussion, thumb piano
Jams Attended: 126
First jam: 05/01/1992
Most recent jam: 05/30/2021
Jam Statistics - Missed : 1993
04/16 - Busy Signal
Info: A "night of the loggerhead" jam.
Musicians: Brian Cameron, Matthew Cramer
04/23 - Bounce Bounce
Musicians: Brian Cameron, Chris Hewetson
Title Size Album Rating
Abba Dabba 5.71 MB Early, Neil 4
Bounce Bounce Neil  
07/10 - Ken Revisited
Musicians: Brian Cameron, Brian McNally
11/19 - Two Brains
Location: DePaul School of Music, DePaul University, Chicago
Info: An attempt to record a song written by Sid Prise called Two Brains at the DePaul School of Music recording studio. Problems ensued and the recording session was aborted.