Photo of Greg Winston
Instruments: Vocals, keyboard, analog keyboard, guitar, bass, percussion
Jams Attended: 51
First jam: 06/18/1994
Most recent jam: 11/18/2012
Jam History: 2004
11/20 - Birthday Jam
Info: The Sheep Fiends celebrate Brian Cameron's birthday with a jam.
Musicians: Brian Cameron, Matthew Cramer, James Mansfield, Nathan Peck, Sam Putman, Nat Soti, Greg Winston
Title Album Length Rating
Geek U.S.A. Recover 4:57 5

Geek U.S.A. I'm So Confused 4:57 5

Franklin's Tower I'm So Confused 7:42 4

SuperNovaBlast Present Tense 6:52 3
I Can Feel You Coming Home Again Present Tense 4:48 5

American Spirit Cigarettes And Jack Daniels Every Day Present Tense 2:18 5

Don't Leave Me Present Tense 7:13 4
My Girl Present Tense 5:41 5
Today (Turn Around) Present Tense 6:27 5

Boys With The Toys Present Tense 1:09 3

Beverly Present Tense 1:47 3

Thank God I'm A Country Boy Present Tense 12:33 3
I Get Paranoid When I Get Real High Present Tense 5:56 4
I'm On It Present Tense 7:10 4
Dying Present Tense 6:34 4

Consume My Love Present Tense 10:34 5

12/31 - AfterLoft New Years
Musicians: Matt Atwood, Brian Cameron, Ben Holt, David Hurst, Ghost, Sam Putman, Tonyb, Greg Winston