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The Sheep Fiends recordings section contains about 10 Gigs with over 1,000 songs. Over a 20 year history, quite a lot of material has been recorded. All of the material available on this website uses the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 2.0 license, so feel free to share this music with others if done in a non-commercial manner.

To help you navigate these recordings, there are several different ways you can approach the material. The navigation choices at the left of this section provide you with a number of ways to peruse the material, which are explained in more detail below.

The "Recommended Songs" contains a playlist of songs selected as some of the most interesting recordings and is a good place to start. This playlist is also provided as a ZIP file which is just under 700 MB and is designed to fit on a single MP3 CD.

If you like more album-oriented music, you might find the CD and Cassette Tape sections interesting. From 1992-1998 music by The Sheep Fiends was released on cassette tape. Music recorded after 1998 has been released on CD along with most of the material that was previously released on cassette tape. It has been common since 1999 to release CD's with material all recorded at a single jam. Compilation CD's have been released, often to include older material and music from jams that did not produce enough songs to make a separate CD. The "Greatest" section is a mix of recommended selections which you could also find on other CD's.

The "Media Archive" is a link to the online directory of music, graphics, solo material recorded by Brian Cameron and David Ladd, some Reason setups that the group uses and other odds and ends.

The History section provides a timeline-based way to approach the material, so if you are looking for songs from a particular timeframe, like recently recorded songs, this is a good way to find them. Also, after selecting a musician in the Musicians sections, you can click on the "Songs" link to see songs associated with that musician. Note that some musicians are not associated with any songs that have been released.

Until 2009, much of The Sheep Fiends material was recorded on amateur equipment like a standard 2-track (stereo) cassette deck hooked up to a mixing board. Most material recorded before 1997 was recorded in mono, but since 2009, a more modern multi-track system has been employed.