The Sheep Fiends have been releasing music for over 25 years and most songs by The Sheep Fiends are available under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 2.0 license, so feel free to share our music with others in a non-commercial manner. Please contact us to discuss if you would like to discuss any commerical use. Some songs, particularly on older releases, may not be available.

There are several different ways you can use to listen to The Sheep Fiends:

This Sheep Fiends "Recordings" section provides the following navigation options:

  • Songs relased by The Sheep Fiends songs on CD. These are displayed in the reverse order they were released.
  • Between 1992-1998 The Sheep Fiends released songs on a Cassette Tape format, so this section is of mostly historical value. These are also displayed in reverse order they were released. Only songs that have been digitized and also been released on CD can be played.
  • Cover songs
  • Songs with higher subjective ratings that you might like.
  • Videos
  • The Media Archive contains some interesting odds and ends.

The Sheep Fiends main page provides a curated playlist of songs that we think you will enjoy. This playlist is also provided as a ZIP file. This ZIP file is just under 700 MB and designed to fit on a single MP3 CD.

The History section provides a timeline-based way to approach the material, useful if you are looking to listen to songs from a particular timeframe, like most recently recorded songs.

In the Musicians section, you can click on a particular musician, then click on the "Songs" link on the left to see songs associated with that musician. Note that some musicians may not be associated with any songs and will not have this "Songs" link.

Until 2009, much of The Sheep Fiends material was recorded on amateur equipment like a standard 2-track (stereo) cassette deck connected to a mixing board. Most material recorded before 1997 was recorded in mono, but since 2009, a more modern multi-track system has been employed. In other words, expect more significant recording issues and problems with earlier material.