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Photo of Tamara Lopez
Instruments: Vocals, percussion
Jams Attended: 11
First jam: 07/04/1997
Last jam: 09/03/2000
Jam History: 1998
03/18 - Jeweled Tower Lotus Sutra #1
Info: As a college assignment Marcus Dunleavy was composing a musical piece which integrated Buddhist chanting with both improvisational and orchestrated music. The Sheep Fiends assisted with the improvisational end of things. Although this project was not taken to completion, there were two interesting rehearsals.
Musicians: Brian Cameron, Tamara Lopez, Marcus Dunleavy, David Ladd, Russell Mast
03/25 - Jeweled Tower Lotus Sutra #2
Musicians: Brian Cameron, Tamara Lopez, Marcus Dunleavy, Noam Paco Gaster, David Ladd, Russell Mast
05/16 - May Open Jam
Musicians: Serena (Blossom) Appel, DeLonde Bell, Brian Cameron, Tamara Lopez, David Hurst, David Ladd, Lisa Samra
Title Size Album Rating
Pete The Red Ball 5.64 MB Pop 3
10/09 - Chicago Burning Man Decompression Party
Flier Flier
Location: The Launch Pad
Info: See the Burning Man website for more information. Light effects provided by Bill Lonestar. Some folks from the Burning Man party joined in the jam.
Musicians: DeLonde Bell, Serena (Blossom) Appel, Brian Cameron, Tamara Lopez, Jesse Cramer, Matthew Cramer, David Ladd, Russell Mast
Title Size Album Rating
Union Maid 2.58 MB Covers 4
Main Title 9.32 MB Electronic 5
Soundcheck Song 5.87 MB Pop 3