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Instruments: Guitar, bass
Jams Attended: 4
First jam: 08/11/1995
Last jam: 05/10/1997
Jam History: 1996
07/20 - Summer
Info: A beautiful jam in the afternoon from 2-7pm. David White showed up with his friend Jill later at 8pm for an additional hour of music making.
Musicians: DeLonde Bell, Brian Cameron, Jeff Elder, James Gautier, David Hurst, David Ladd, Syen U, David White
12/15 - Section X
Info: The Sheep Fiends acquire a studio space at Section X on the northside of Chicago. This is the first use the new space.
Musicians: DeLonde Bell, Brian Cameron, Paul Fehribach, Noam Paco Gaster, David Hurst, David Ladd, David White
Title Size Album Rating
Don't Use A Gun 10.24 MB Covers, Kitchen Sink 4
Implanted Into Your Brain 2.71 MB Covers 4
Where The Wild Things Are At 13.47 MB Covers 3
Downtown 7.32 MB Pop, Kitchen Sink 5