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Photo of Scott Johnson
Instruments: Guitar, keyboard, percussion
Jams Attended: 25
First jam: 03/07/1996
Most recent jam: 10/20/2019
Jam Statistics - Missed : 2003
11/01 - Be Excellent Halloween Party
Location: Private Party
Info: The Sheep Fiends have a frightening reunion.
Musicians: Mark Armantrout, Brian Cameron, David Hurst, Doug Hurst, Annette Peterson, Brian Peterson, Sam Putman, Allida Warn, Nat Ward, Greg Winston
Title Size Album Rating
Special G 3.83 MB Join In Now 4
12/30 - New Years
Location: Private Party
Info: Drum circle followed by Sheep Fiends performance
Musicians: Mark Armantrout, Brian Cameron, Matthew Cramer, David Hurst, Fazal Miles, Sam Putman, Nat Soti, Greg Winston