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Photo of Brian Cameron
Instruments: Guitar, bass, keyboard, analog keyboard, percussion, vocals
Jams Attended: 368
First jam: 05/01/1992
Last jam: 09/08/2019

The Sheep Fiends are simply the best group of musicians that I know. I feel truly blessed to have the ongoing opportunity to make so much music with this entertaining bunch. I would describe The Sheep Fiends as an attempt to recalibrate a balance, demonstrating a more social approach to music. The Sheep Fiends, like Jackson Pollock or Neil Cassidy, bring a sense of the immediate, transient and spontaneous subconscious into a modern form.

The Sheep Fiends project started just a few years before the internet, let alone YouTube, became a thing. We live in the first generations where the recording of music has even been possible and I appreciate having been amongst the first to be able to explore the freedoms provided as technology makes it easier to inexpensively record and share music.

Considering The Sheep Fiends improvisational approach to composition, one might expect the resulting music to degenerate constantly into chaos, going nowhere, destination zero. It delights me time and again when a great song appears out of the nowhere aether. I think The Sheep Fiends are unique in the way we fuse an improvisational spirit with contemporary or popular music. I always find it fun when people are surprised to find we never rehearse our songs and we only play them once. If anything, that is our hook.

Because many musicians have been involved with The Sheep Fiends over several decades, there is a wide variety of genres always being explored. Lately, I have been noticing a gravitation towards a more progressive rock sound. The Sheep Fiends Fiends explore a wide range of emotion, both light and dark. Music being the cathartic expressions reflecting immediate dreams, joys, hopes, concerns, worries and despair.

I do not find it surprising that a band like The Sheep Fiends came from Chicago. Chicago has a rich history of improvisation across jazz, blues, live comedy like Second City, and improvisational theatre like by The Neo-Futurists.

Influences of mention include: Jim O'Rourke, The Velvet Underground, early Pink Floyd, The Grateful Dead, Phish, The Smiths, Black Sabbath, Radiohead, Wilco, The Flaming Lips, Neil Young and Hawkwind.

The photo of me on this page was taken "On Stage" at the EMP Museum in Seattle - kind of like playing Guitar Hero on steroids. So this is not a photo of me playing with the Fiends, but I think it is fun.

Enjoy, and remember, feedback is your friend.