Instruments: Vocals, keyboard
Jams Attended: 2
First jam: 02/12/1995
Most recent jam: 10/07/1995
Jam History: 1995
02/12 - Lincoln's Birthday Jam
Musicians: Brian Cameron, Jeff Elder, Mark Goodman, David Hurst, Brian McNally, Asher Millen, Sid Prise
Title Size Album Rating
The Water Comes In 17.31 MB Live From The Void, The Tremendum 4
How Does It Feel 19.27 MB Live From The Void 4
Sid, Welcome To The Jam 1.42 MB Leftovers Vol. 4, The Tremendum 3

Cat Outside My Window 13.79 MB Leftovers Vol. 5, The Tremendum 4
I'm Tired Kitchen Sink  
Breathing Kitchen Sink  
10/07 - Underground
Musicians: Brian Cameron, Stevie Collins, Jeff Elder, Mark Goodman, Scotto Moore, Jay Myerson, Deborah Siegel
Title Size Album Rating
Hold On 29.40 MB TimeStrands, Principles Of Chimera 4