Instruments: Flute, guitar, keyboard, harmonica
Jams Attended: 3
First jam: 08/28/1995
Most recent jam: 06/02/1996
Jam History: 1996
06/02 - Curt & Jenni Halsted's Wedding Reception
Location: Walcamp, Kingston, IL
Info: Light show provided by Larkin and Brian Peterson. The Sheep Fiends were performed at this reception.
Musicians: Dori Burg, Brian Cameron, Stevie Collins, David Hurst, Scotto Moore, Gilad Rosner
Title Size Album Rating
Samfir 6.67 MB Sometime Today, pianoforte 3
Dance So Slow 4.50 MB Sometime Today 4
Friends Like Mine 4.65 MB Sometime Today 3
Adelious Dance 5.15 MB Sometime Today 3
Keeper Of The Dream 5.29 MB Sometime Today 3
Forever And A Little While 5.62 MB Sometime Today, pianoforte 5
Inner Gorilla Goes Wild 17.03 MB Sometime Today, pianoforte 4

Iva's Song 8.43 MB Sometime Today, pianoforte 4